Cabaret is action, caricature, dance, theatre and, of course, music. Moving up today, this colorful genre still excites the listener. After all, many people – no matter young or old – has seen the legendary films “Cabaret”, “Moulin Rouge”, “Chicago” and together with the singers have been humming melodies and admiring the dances and costumes. Inspired by these masterpieces I set myself about interpretation of cabaret hits. Together with the trio of Pauliaus Zdanavičius we included into the programme the arias of the most famous cabarets and musicals from the aforementioned films. Famous melodies, which are newly sensed, invite the listeners for a pleasant and sophisticated entertainment.



Evelina Sašenko (vocal)

Paulius Zdanavičius (grand piano)

Vytas Skudas (trumpet)

Eugenijus Kanevičius (contrabass)

Martynas Lukoševičius (percussion instruments)


Mein Herr

Bang bang