Love Story According to Edith Piaf

``I never regret anything`` - these are the words from Edith Piaf song, which gradually became credo of my life. I grew up with the music of Edith Piaf. I grew up not only as a person and a woman, but also inspired me to pursue a career as singer. I was never trying to copy or convey what the artist experienced. All I want to say with this music is a unique language of my feelings.

Chopin Jazz Inn

Since childhood I have heard the sounds of Chopin's music at home. This naturally resulted affection and love for the composer's creations. I'm not a pianist, but over the years more and more I wanted to get closer to the wonderful music heritage, so I decided to individually interpret Šopeną- that is how project ``Chopin Jazz Inn`` was created.

Euro Vision 2011

This musical record is very important for me because it was challenging time, and full of beautiful moments I will never forget. Represent my country in Eurovision it was a great honor and a huge challenge. In this record you will hear three minutes of my time trials.