Although Frederic Chopin didn’t know the word “jazz” and couldn’t even imagine that his music can swing, modern musicians claim that his nocturnes, polonaises and mazurkas are real jazz standards that fit improvisation perfectly well. After all, the Polish genius himself often indulged in spontaneous creation rephrasing his own and other author’s melodies in plumy ways. So his creation’s translation into the language of jazz is the continuation of huge improvisational tradition. In perfect fantasy and notion colored melodies of Chopin invite abandon to a charming ocean of ideas sprawling between classics and jazz.

            Project “Chopin in Jazz“ is a peculiar attitude towards the music of Chopin. When the works of a legendary composer received the features of jazz, they as if start a new life. The project is close to me, felt, I have put much energy end force in it. I created jazz arrangements myself together with a pianist Dmitrijus Golovanovas. We adjusted wonderful texts of the poem “Chopin’s Grand Piano” of C. C. Norvidas to Chopin’s music.



Evelina Šašenko (vocal)

Dmitrij  Golonavov (grand piano)

Donatas Bagurskas (contrabass)

Gediminas Augustaitis (percussion instruments)