Body to body. Passion. Jealousy. Madness. Densely beating heart… Tango in Latin means “touching”, thus it is not possible to stay indifferent to this music… Emotional and sentimental concert “Flirt in Tango Step“ invites the listeners to meet with A. Piazolla, C. Gardel and other bewitching tango melodies.

            Tango is not only passion. There lie a great power, mystery, fatality. It is a peculiar duel of different springs, when nobody knows what will be further and how will everything end…“, – intrigues Evelina. After being asked, if she is not afraid of such musical challenge, the singer playfully responds that she does not lack temperament, and self-confidence is added by the fact that she is accompanied on the stage by especially professional and reliable colleagues.



Evelina Sašenko (vocal)

Nerijus Bakula (accordion)

Paulius Zdanavičius (grand-piano)


Chiquilin de Bachin

La Cumparsita

Liber Tango

 Los pajaros perdidos

 Paskutinis Sekmadienis

 Che Tango Che

 Adios Muchachos