Songs by Edith Piaf will take the listeners to colorful Montmartre, quiet cafes and secret places of lovers. Music will charm with views and smells and will evoke feelings. A smile for a moment caught of a stranger is the beginning of a new history, and the uproar of the street is the beginning of new melody. A song will take listener where he couldn’t even dream to get and will force to smile and think.  

             My love is sentimental songs from the repertory of Edith Piaf. A song is my life, so I am happy to sing and give that joy to others. Language of Chanson’s is so musical and warm – I can express my minds, feelings and desires with the help of it.

            There waves a spirit of elegant and fragrant Paris in the famous melodies of Chanson‘ s, agitating one’s heart with wonderful love stories and defecating the spirit to the world of French romances…   


Evelina Sašenko (vocal)

Paulius Zdanavičius (grand piano)

Nerijus Bakula (accordion)

Maksimas Perepelica (contrabass)

Martynas Lukoševičius (percussion instruments)

 La vie en rose

 Les feuilles mortes


 Non je regrete rien

 Padam padam