One of the most profitable singers, actresses, writers, directors of all times – it seems that the talents of Barbra Streisand are just inexhaustible. This music legend has gained the respect of a huge army of the audience and has become a real icon for the performers of younger generation.

            Organizing the concert of the songs of B. Streisand is an old dream of Evelina Sašenko. “This singer for me is like a teacher whom I am going to align with, whose records I listen to most of all“, says E. Sašenko. Evelina included the works from the musicals “Funny Girl”, “Cats” and many other popular songs of B. Streisand to the programme of the concert.
Evelina is not trying to imitate or just reincarnate to this performer. She dedicates the show to all those who adore Barbra Streisand not less than Evelina does.


Evelina Sašenko (vocal)
Paulius  Zdanavičius (grand piano )

 What are you doing to the rest of life

 The way we were


My man 

Lover, come back to me

Don’t rain on my parade