Know me in music. I had much of it in my life even then, when my parents with songs and cradlesongs “were waiting for the stork carrying a small noisy girl”. Nature was wriggling in impatience: after all, there were few days left till the most starlight month – August. After just meeting my parents, I realized that we will get on well: they liked singing to me and I liked singing to them. The truth is that at that moment my songs brought not only joy but a headache as well; perhaps, because I liked singing serenades at nights. When I grew up, I understood that I couldn’t stop. My mother was the person who in an unwearied manner supported, encouraged and as a real mathematician, smartly deliberated upon every step down the music way. My father is a musician, thus, I mostly sang with him and my sisters. And I started singing solo when I was six.  

          Great for me was the day of 1994 – then I participated in a song contest “Dainų dainelė“ for the first time. As I am Polish, I sang childish songs in Polish language. The first ones were about the things that tickle my heart up to now – flowers. So many years passed but I still feel the same string – I really like taking care of the plants. I also remember a song, liked by the children, “Asa tadarasa”. It was funny, when after one of my – little girl’s performances, I heard more often and often singing my songs not only between the Polish but between the Lithuanians as well. Since then, I decided to grow up on the stage of “Dainų dainelė“. I studied in Rūdiškių secondary school in Trakai district, also in Rūdiškių academy of music where I finished the class of grand piano and violin. Because of close friendship with these instruments, I felt more and more bravely. I was a little lady – I sang in French, spruced with the dresses, made by grandma, and white gloves. These gloves as if got stuck to me and became for many people a memorable sign. People often asked: “Evelina, where are your gloves?“

            When I became a laureate of “Dainų dainelė“ for six times, I started forcing my way towards not waded meadows. I am glad that I met some people on my way who could teach me something. I had a chance to sing with famous Polish singers: Eleni, Mietek Ščesniak and band “Blue Cafe“. Time got slightly further, and I went from one song contest to other. International festivals in Poland, Germany and other countries… I received appreciation, people support and belief in me everywhere. Thus, it was not difficult to grow up with music.  

           Only once in my life, before entering the university, I had some doubts: perhaps it is time to leave singing and start something more serious? Happily, art in me was stronger that all other things, so now I am studying jazz vocal in Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy.

           During the studies, I initiated and participated such projects as “Love Stories According to Edith Piaf“, “Chopin Jazz Inn“ and “All that Cabaret“. And in 2010, I took the 3rd place in the finals of National Eurovision song contest. I am brave and devoted in music, thus, even several gripping titles every year supplement the ranks of the projects that I participate in. For example, there emerged “Streets of Montmartre”, “Musicals of Broadway” and “Alice in Vilnius-land“ in my musical map.

             This is me, Evelina Sašenko. Assemble me from the pieces of life. Each of them is mentioned here for staying with me forever. And today I impatiently move forward as I believe that I am FUTURE in music.


*  I became a laureate of song contest “Dainų dainelė“ for six times (1994; 1996; 1998; 2000; 2002; 2004);

*  In 1998, I took part in the international festival in Poland “Tuchola-98“, where I tool the 1st place;

*  In 1999, in the international festival in Poland “Majowa nutka“ (“Note of May”) I won the award of “Bronze note”;

*  In 2001, in Germany, Munich, during the festival “Together into a Common Europe”, my performance was evaluated positively.

* In a worldwide song festival “Konin 2002“, which took place in Poland, I was recognized as a promising singer;

* I took part in TV shows: “Polish ABC“, “Od przedszkola do Opola“ (“From Kindergarten to Opole“).

* In 2002, I took part in a worldwide festival of singing poetry which was devoted to the memory of Polish poet Marija Konopnickaja. I won the main prize – “Grand Prix“ – with my songs there;

* In spring of 2003, I participated in LTV project “Time of Little Stars” and got into the final concert of the project;

* I won the main prize in the song festival “Było przedszkole – czas na Opole” which took part in Poland, in the city of Opole;

* In May of 2003, I received “Grand Prix” in republican festival of a Polish song “Rūdiškės – 2003“ which took part in my school;

* In 2008, I received “Golden Plate“ in the international festival “The International Festival of Authors and Composers of Polish Song – Wrzesnia  2008“;

* In 2008, I got the 2nd place in the international festival of French song “Chantons a Vroclav“;

* Together with the orchestra of Maestro Gintaras Rinkevičius, I took part in the project of Leonardas Bersteinas “Mass“ (2009) and “Can you feel the love tonight“ (2010);

* In 2009, I took part in the project of Lithuanian Television called “Arch of Triumph“;

* I participated in the international festival “Copenhagen Culture Night 2009“;

* During the 5th anniversary of Poland’s and Lithuania’s entrance into the European Union, we presented a show of Dalia Michelevičiūtė “Unwritten Summer Story” to ES diplomats in Brussels;

* In 2010, I took the 3rd place in National finals of “Eurovision”;

* I initiated and participated in music projects “Love Stories According to Edith Piaf“, “Chopin Jazz Inn“, “All that Cabaret“;

* I wrote music to the project “Unread Summer Story”;

* I take part in projects “Streets of Montmartre”, “Musicals of Broadway” and “Alice in Vilnius-land”.

Evelina Sašenko