Know me in music. I had much of it in my life even then, when my parents with songs and cradlesongs “were waiting for the stork carrying a small noisy girl”. Nature was wriggling in impatience: after all, there were few days left till the most starlight month – August. After just meeting my parents, I realized that we will get on well: they liked singing to me and I liked singing to them. The truth is that at that moment my songs brought not only joy but a headache as well; perhaps, because I liked singing serenades at nights. When I grew up, I understood that I couldn’t stop. My mother was the person who in an unwearied manner supported, encouraged and as a real mathematician, smartly deliberated upon every step down the music way. My father is a musician, thus, I mostly sang with him and my sisters. And I started singing solo when I was six.  

          Great for me was the day of 1994 – then I participated in a song contest “Dainų dainelė“ for the first time. As I am Polish, I sang childish songs in Polish language. The first ones were about the things that tickle my heart up to now – flowers. So many years passed but I still feel the same string – I really like taking care of the plants. I also remember a song, liked by the children, “Asa tadarasa”. It was funny, when after one of my – little girl’s performances, I heard more often and often singing my songs not only between the Polish but between the Lithuanians as well. Since then, I decided to grow up on the stage of “Dainų dainelė“. I studied in Rūdiškių secondary school in Trakai district, also in Rūdiškių academy of music where I finished the class of grand piano and violin. Because of close friendship with these instruments, I felt more and more bravely. I was a little lady – I sang in French, spruced with the dresses, made by grandma, and white gloves. These gloves as if got stuck to me and became for many people a memorable sign. People often asked: “Evelina, where are your gloves?“

            When I became a laureate of “Dainų dainelė“ for six times, I started forcing my way towards not waded meadows. I am glad that I met some people on my way who could teach me something. I had a chance to sing with famous Polish singers: Eleni, Mietek Ščesniak and band “Blue Cafe“. Time got slightly further, and I went from one song contest to other. International festivals in Poland, Germany and other countries… I received appreciation, people support and belief in me everywhere. Thus, it was not difficult to grow up with music.  

           Only once in my life, before entering the university, I had some doubts: perhaps it is time to leave singing and start something more serious? Happily, art in me was stronger that all other things, so now I am studying jazz vocal in Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy.

           During the studies, I initiated and participated such projects as “Love Stories According to Edith Piaf“, “Chopin Jazz Inn“ and “All that Cabaret“. And in 2010, I took the 3rd place in the finals of National Eurovision song contest. I am brave and devoted in music therefore every year the number of the projects I take part in increases with even several intriguing titles. For example, my music map was expanded with “Monmartre streets”, “Broadway musicals” and “Alice in Vilnius-land”. I like conceptual concerts thus I realized my ideas in the projects “Flirt in the step of tango”, “Christmas card”, “With love to Barbra Streisand”, “Unsent love letters”. I have always dreamt about acting in the theatre therefore I boldly tested myself in the musicals “Aida”, “Cabaret” and Jūratė and Kąstytis”.

            I accepted TV challenges as well. In 2010, being encouraged by my friends, I took part in the National Eurovision song contest where I took the 3rd place. A year later, I got the invitation to the project “Žvaigždžių projektai” where the actor Jokūbas Bareikis and me did really well. It’s a pity, but I had to refuse participating in the project in its second half… because of even greater success. After trying my luck in the selection of Eurovision, I won that year! So, I went to represent Lithuania with the song “C’est ma vie” which was created for me by a good friend, pianist and composer, Paulius Zdanavičius. Two weeks in Dusseldorf were the most wonderful in my life. Great attention of the audience and media, confidence and support just made me feel like on wings. This was the biggest stage of my life which I felt ready for so, I represented myself, my always-supporting family and admirers.

            In 2013, one more dream came true. It’s not a secret that I adore the voice of Barbra Streisand, I admire her songs and intelligent understanding of music. Musical project with Gintaras Rinkevičius was named exactly like this – “With love to Barbra”. I am proud of creative activity with the professionals of the highest level – maestro and Lithuanian national symphonic orchestra. I am grateful to the destiny for many wonderful inspiring people whom I meet in my musical way.

             This is me, Evelina Sašenko. Assemble me from the pieces of life. Each of them is mentioned here for staying with me forever. And today I impatiently move forward as I believe that I am FUTURE in music.

*  I became a laureate of song contest “Dainų dainelė“ for six times (1994; 1996; 1998; 2000; 2002; 2004);

*  In 1998, I took part in the international festival in Poland “Tuchola-98“, where I tool the 1st place;

*  In 1999, in the international festival in Poland “Majowa nutka“ (“Note of May”) I won the award of “Bronze note”;

*  In 2001, in Germany, Munich, during the festival “Together into a Common Europe”, my performance was evaluated positively.

* In a worldwide song festival “Konin 2002“, which took place in Poland, I was recognized as a promising singer;

* I took part in TV shows: “Polish ABC“, “Od przedszkola do Opola“ (“From Kindergarten to Opole“).

* In 2002, I took part in a worldwide festival of singing poetry which was devoted to the memory of Polish poet Marija Konopnickaja. I won the main prize – “Grand Prix“ – with my songs there;

* In spring of 2003, I participated in LTV project “Time of Little Stars” and got into the final concert of the project;

* I won the main prize in the song festival “Było przedszkole – czas na Opole” which took part in Poland, in the city of Opole;

* In May of 2003, I received “Grand Prix” in republican festival of a Polish song “Rūdiškės – 2003“ which took part in my school;

* In 2008, I received “Golden Plate“ in the international festival “The International Festival of Authors and Composers of Polish Song – Wrzesnia  2008“;

* In 2008, I got the 2nd place in the international festival of French song “Chantons a Vroclav“;

* Together with the orchestra of Maestro Gintaras Rinkevičius, I took part in the project of Leonardas Bersteinas “Mass“ (2009) and “Can you feel the love tonight“ (2010);

* In 2009, I took part in the project of Lithuanian Television called “Arch of Triumph“;

* I participated in the international festival “Copenhagen Culture Night 2009“;

* During the 5th anniversary of Poland’s and Lithuania’s entrance into the European Union, we presented a show of Dalia Michelevičiūtė “Unwritten Summer Story” to ES diplomats in Brussels;

* In 2010, I took the 3rd place in National finals of “Eurovision”;

* I initiated and participated in music projects “Love Stories According to Edith Piaf“, “Chopin Jazz Inn“, “All that Cabaret“;

* I wrote music to the project “Unread Summer Story”;

* I take part in projects “Streets of Montmartre”, “Musicals of Broadway” and “Alice in Vilnius-land”.

Evelina Sašenko